Why are we still pursuing solar when Alberta's power is so cheap?

​​A. Pursuing solar means so much more than lowering our power bill....

- It's my mindset for the future, kind of like going from horse and buggy to the automobile, but the Government is paying a third to enable me to gather energy from the sun and transfer that to powering my home...it's empowering...in more ways than one
- A solar added may increase value of your home/property
- With the shift towards electric hybrid vehicles it only makes sense for me to become my own fuel producer to reduce my cost of travel
- According to sun charts Westlock and Barrhead have very high sun counts of up to 1.2 the amount of energy is produced
- Cold temperatures enable solar systems to produce power more efficiently
- New technology allows extra solar to be harvested from  the backside of PV panels off reflective snow
- New technology allows an automatic snow dump increasing winter solar harvesting

ALBERTA is one of the best places in the world to harvest energy from the sun...and new installation methods allow your cattle to graze under it.

- Vern Houle



     Some of what we offer:

     - Solar LED Lights

     - Solar Chargers

     - PV Panels

     - Solar heaters

Houle Country

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Did you know...

Westlock and Barrhead have very high sun counts...up to 1.2 the amount of energy is produced

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