Houle Country

​​​ Why We Do It

Not only are we trying to keep our air cleaner by preventing the unnecessary burning of the peat in our area, but we totally believe in the benefits of peat in your growing medium.

Some benefits include:

* Amends your soil (making it lighter - easier for root development)

* Aids in moisture retention in your soil

* Retains the fertilizers, etc. you add to your soil, slowly re-releasing the nutrients back to your plants - saving you  money!

More about our story

To date we have helped clear 8 farmer’s fields; by moving approximately 500,000 tonnes we have prevented a lot of smoke pollution in our province.

And not to mention we have made several farmers and many customers happy along the way! 


Bulk peat moss

Not the Standard Stringy Peat            

Our peat differs from the compressed bales you buy at the stores; it has been piled for years and it is fluffy and moist as soon as  you receive it—no rehydration time required! Plus, with the nutrients that are already in the peat mix, it could save you further money by you NOT having to add them in!

Because our peat is fairly moist it mixes with other mediums very easily saving you time and effort on your chores. 

How We Sell

Excellent quality piled peat offers you a cost effective way to 
buy your peat in a variety of larger volumes including:

· dump trailer                      7-8* yards        $150

· walking floor truck      80-100* yards     $500

* yardage approximate due to soil moisture        

delivery/trucking is EXTRA to the above pricing

What We Do

We are a small peat moss company working with area farmers to haul away BIG loads of peat. Years ago the farmers in 
our area cleared their land and piled their peat...now they are burning it to get rid of the piles.

We provide the farmers in our area a quicker, safer and more environmentally friendly way of clearing their land by 
moving large volumes of peat for them. 

In the past few years we have moved thousands of tonnes of peat to growers and landscapers in the province of Alberta...and all without disturbing one natural bog!

Please call or email us today to request soil analysis results.